Pray for Rev. Donald Moore who lost his mother-in-law and a cousin.

Pray for the Coulter/McGee families who recently lost a brother.

Pray for Pastor  Rev. Harmon R. Claiborne, Sr. Pastor of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

Pray for Pastor Eduardo Yarde, Pastor of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.  He has cancer along with a bad heart and diabetes - Please lift him up to our Lord, the Great Physician! 

Please pray for the family of Rev. Dr. Thomas Watson who went home to Glory on Saturday, October 27th.

Please pray for the families of those hurt in the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

Please pray for those families who suffered losses from the shootings in Kentucky.

Please pray for Rev. Dr. Larry Green, Sr. - healing for his ankle.

Please pray for Rev. Irvin Whitlow whose health is failing.

Please pray for the children and parents that have been separated at our borders. May the Lord keep them in His perfect peace and reunite them soon. 

Please pray for all the people that have been devastated by natural disasters.  May the Lord give them strength and grace in the days following this disaster.

Thank you for your prayers!! 

Thank you for visiting our Prayer Page. This page is designed to be informative but very interactive and a way for us to know how we can pray corporately for our Association as well as for our member churches. Each month, this page will be updated with ways that you can be in prayer for the Baptist Ministers Conference of Boston and Vicinity as well as ways that you and your church can be praying for other local churches in our Association. I invite you to submit a prayer request at the bottom of this page so that we can be praying for your church and their needs.

Please share with us how God answered your prayers.

“I will answer God’s call to fall on my knees in humility & to seek his face in repentance, so that he may forgive my sins and heal our land.”

Pray for Conference officers

Rev. Dr. Larry Green Sr., President
Rev. Leroy Mahoney, Vice President
Min. Gloria Coulter, Secretary

Min. Erica Wilder, Corresponding Secretary

Rev. Doctor Vernard Coulter, Assistant Secretary
Rev. Donald Moore, Treasurer
Rev. Carolyn McGee, Chaplain
Min. Troy Meade, Assistant Chaplain

Min. Robyn M. Mars, Clerk

​Min. Catrice Williams, Assistant Clerk

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