September 2018

Get Back Up When You "FALL"

Over the last couple of months, I’ve encouraged you to move forward together toward something new. Doing the work of the Father, is not all about Sunday service and preaching to the choir week after week.  We’ve done that.  Doing something new means being intentional about fulfilling our purpose in God’s great plan.  This year, we believed, that part of that great plan was for our churches to see new things happen.  While we expected increased membership and improved processes, we really focused on evangelism and on being of impactful service to the souls God placed in our path. We asked ourselves, “What can we do differently?”
As we continue forward into this next season, Fall, I am reminded that sometimes falling is part of the process when we are doing something new.  We won’t get everything right and those things we get right won’t be right all the time.  But, be encouraged and trust God.  If we continue to look to Him for direction, then we will fulfill His plan.
I believe the Word of God is clear.  There is a bountiful harvest! And we aimed to be named among the few that God sends. (Luke 10:2).  So, there you have it…another significant and timely word as we enter this next season, “harvest”.

The word harvest means; a season for gathering a prepared crop. As a verb, it means; the process for gathering a crop that is ready.

Be encouraged.  Keep moving forward and get back up when you fall; the fruit of your labor and planting, in this season, will result in a great harvest.  

Dr. Larry Green Sr., President
Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Boston & Vicinity Inc.
Pastor | Teacher | Conference Facilitator
Staying Focused on the SON.​​