Baptist Ministers' Conference

of Boston & Vicinity, Inc. (BMC)

Academic Advancement Application 2020

Application Postmark Deadline March 15, 2020

Supporting the community through educational

development and Gospel advancement

The Social and Political Action Committee "shall investigate and provide information and a plan of action as to issues affecting the interests of the parishioners and community.  Such issues shall include crime, drug and alcohol abuse, illiteracy, and such issues as the President and Body deem appropriate. The Social and Political Action Committee shall provide information and a plan of action for making the church a central place of political and social action in our community."

Reverend Dr. Larry Green, Sr., 

Scholarship Committee
Reverend Ruthanne Phyllis Bracey-Darby

Minister Dr. Gloria Coulter

Reverend Edward Hardy

​Minister Catrice Williams

To be eligible for a scholarship, the applicant must provide written evidence that you are:

• A continuing student in a post-secondary educational institution, i.e. college, music school, art school, medical training, biblical institute. Provide the address and description of the institute..

• Accepted at the college or other post-secondary educational institution, i.e. music school, art school, medical training, biblical institute that you intend to attend.  Provide a copy of the “Letter of Acceptance.”

• A servant of the Gospel, i.e. licensed minister, ordained minister, deacon, deaconess must verify his/her status ( for biblical institute applicants only).

• An active member in good standing for at least nine (9) months in a Church that has membership in the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Boston & Vicinity, Inc.  The Pastor of the church must verify in writing the service and good standing of the applicant in his/her required ‘Letter of Recommendation’ for the applicant.

• An evangelical committal to the advancement of the Gospel.  Provide a written statement describing how you will share the Gospel in the community.

• Have an official transcript with a GPA of 2.5 or higher (a lower GPA must provide supportive documentation of leadership skills, church involvement or special circumstances; potentially wavered by the Scholarship Committee).

Evaluation of the applicant is based upon the following criteria :

• Official transcript

• Church involvement
• Community involvement
• Compelling essay responses with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling; musical or other artistic performance or portfolio
• Letters of Recommendation (3) from:

  1. Pastor and/or other official (required)
  2. Teacher
  3. Guidance Counselor

ESSAY (250-500 WORDS)
Topic: How will this scholarship help you contribute to the community?
(attach Essay on separate page(s))


List service activities in which you have participated as a volunteer since becoming a member of your church, beginning with the most recent.

Activity/Organization              Your role/position(s) held            Dates               #Hours per week
(avoid abbreviating)










List church activities in which you have participated, beginning with the most recent.

Activity/Service Organization          Your role/position(s) held     Dates
(Avoid abbreviating)











Required Certification and Release (applicant must read and sign below to be eligible)

• Number of parent(s) dependents currently in college and/or other post-secondary educational institutions (include yourself) __________

• Will you be working during the summer? _________ If yes, how many hours? ______

• I certify that all information on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

• I certify that I meet all the eligibility requirements as specified in this application and the accompanying instructions.

• By submitting this application, I understand that if I should receive this scholarship, I will be ineligible to apply again.  All materials submitted as part of the scholarship application become the property of the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Boston & Vicinity, Inc.

• I understand that the Scholarship will be payable to the recipient upon verification of registration of classes for the 2nd semester.

• I further understand that should I be selected as a recipient of said scholarship that my name and picture is subject to be published for public relations purposes and publicity.

• I hereby authorize the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Boston & Vicinity, Inc. to utilize information about and from my application my picture for public relations purposes and publicity.

Applicant’s Signature ________________________________________ Date _________

Pastor’s Signature ___________________________________________ Date_________
Church Official Signature _____________________________________ Date_________

Church Official Title ______________________________________________________


Name of Applicant: _____________________________________________________

Instructions to Applicant:
This Letter of Recommendation must be from a Pastor and from two (2) other Officials. You must submit a total of three (3) Letters of Recommendation.  ​A letter cannot be from a relative unless he/she is your Pastor. You should inform your recommender about the scholarship and your reasons for applying for it.  Please give your recommender at least three weeks to write the letter.  Submit the recommendation in a sealed envelope along with your application package by the March 15, 2020 postmark or email deadline.

Instructions to Recommender:
The person named above is applying for the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Boston & Vicinity, Inc. Scholarship.  Please type, double spaced and no more than 150 words, your recommendation on the letterhead of your professional affiliation.  We request your candid evaluation relative to the following:

For Pastors’ statements

  • concerning membership standing for at least the past nine (9) months
  • concerning church activities/commitments
  • personal strengths, including motivation and leadership

For Other Officials’ statements

  • Academic record
  • Academic plans and career goals
  • Personal strengths, including motivation, leadership and commitment
  • Community service, church activities/commitments and extracurricular activities

Since you know the candidate, the scholarship review committee is depending upon your specific and illustrative evaluation rather than a general assessment.

Please complete the information below and return this form and your signed and sealed letter of recommendation to the candidate with your signature written across the seal.  All application materials must be submitted by the applicant by March 15, 2020 postmark or email deadline.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. For further information about the scholarship, please contact Min. Dr. Gloria Coulter at (781) 986-6074 or

Name of Applicant _______________________________________________________

Recommender’s signature __________________________________________________

(Please print or type following information)

Recommenders’ name _____________________________________________________

Professional Title _________________________________________________________

Affiliation _______________________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State ___________________Zip Code ________

Telephone (____) _________________ Email __________________________________

(An incomplete application package will not be accepted, applicant will be disqualified.)

  • Essay
  • Artistic Performance /Portfolio description (application page 3)
  • Certification and Release Form (application page 4)
  • Statement concerning how the scholarship award will be specifically used (books, tuition, housing)
  • Statement concerning how the applicant will share the Gospel in the community
  • Provide a copy of the ‘Letter of Acceptance,’ address and description of the college or other post-secondary institution
  • Three (3) ‘Letters of Recommendation’ in separate sealed envelopes
  • Official Transcript inclusive of grades 9-12 (potentially wavered by Scholarship Committee for biblical institute applicants)
  • Official written verification of service as a servant of the Gospel, i.e. license, ordination document (applicable for biblical institute applicants only)
  • Official transcript from post-secondary institution for post-secondary applicants

Email address

Or mail to:

Minister Dr. Gloria Coulter
20 Emerton Ave.
Randolph, MA 02368

Recipient(s) will be notified  by letter no later than mid-May 2020

You can download and print a copy of the application by clicking the red button to the right.

The application can be emailed to us at or mailed to the address on the application.