May 2018


Spring is truly in the air and the snow is gone.  The buds are on the trees and the tulips and the crocuses have sprung.

This means the conference cannot be stagnate, we must be ever moving forward.  We must accomplish more this year than last.  Look around and you will be surprised at how far we have come.  We have expanded our membership, established a scholarship fund, broadened our focus on the order of the day, have taken on more social justice issues and celebrated our National Day of Prayer with a Prayer revival (Thank you Minister Troy Meade and your official staff).  I cannot express to you my delight about how God is moving in our conference! This is our year of transformation.  But we are not just in a mode of transformation. We are taking steps to move in the many directions God is calling us. I couldn’t be happier and my prayer is that God is pleased with our acts and seeds of faith.

To truly be transformed we must trust that God’s plans and directives are for the betterment of the body. We must welcome the changes He would like initiated, embrace and receive them with an open mind and heart, and evoke the changes He sees fit. We do this by being prayerful and faithful to Him in our individual and corporate worship and study times.  We want to be in position to receive all that the Lord would bestow upon us going forward —we don’t want to miss our blessings nor do we want to be a stumbling block!

When I became president I identified 4 priorities:

- Teaching people to passionately love God with all their heart, soul in mind
- Emphasizing close and loving family relationships
- Developing a heart for local and world evangelism; and
- Training the next generation to love and serve God.

Please stay tuned in the months to come as I unearth the specific goal for each of these priorities.

Keeping Your Eyes on The SON,

Rev. Dr. Larry Green, Sr.