Dr. Larry Green Sr.

March 2018

March 8, 2018 is international Women’s Day.

This celebration is observed in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia; by recognizing the contributions of women around the world—and throughout history.

Women have played an integral part in the forming and developing of our conference.  Today, I want to pause and give thanks to God for the women who have helped to shape our conference.  Their giftedness and submission to the Lord has propelled us into the future.

Join me as we celebrate and applaud all women - the freedom fighters - who have dedicated their lives to confronting sexism, racism, classism, homophobia and other expressions of hate and intolerance that we face every day.

I want to encourage the conference to remember the women of our conference both past and present:

Current Members

Rev. Ruthanne Phyllis Bracey-Darby
Rev. Brenda Brown
Min. Dr. Gloria Coulter -- Asst. Secretary
Min. Robyn Mars
Rev. Carolyn McGee -- Chaplain
Min. Letitia Stroud
Min. Erica Wilder -- Corresponding Secretary

​Former Members

Rev.  Kasuandra Brown -- Secretary
Rev.  Eristine Cooke
Rev.  Gloria Jackson -- Asst.  Treasurer
Rev.  Lucy Marshall
Min.  Patricia McDuffy
Bishop Regina Shearer -- Treasurer
Rev.  Cindy Williams -- Secretary