Question: "What does the Bible say about honor?"

The word of God instructs and encourages us to honor our father and mother. But what is the Biblical meaning of honor? 

Answer: As a noun, honor in the Bible means "esteem, value, or great respect." To honor someone is to value him highly or bestow value upon him. The Bible exhorts us to express honor and esteem toward certain people: our parents, the aged and those in authority (Ephesians 6:2; Leviticus 19:32; Romans 13:1). But we must understand that all authority and honor belong to God alone                  (1 Chronicles 29:11; 1 Timothy 1:17; Revelation 5:13). Though He can delegate His authority to others, it still belongs to Him (Ephesians 4:11-12). Of all the commands to honor one another, the most repeated one pertains to that of honoring one's father and mother (Exodus 20:12; Matthew 15:4).

This command was so important to God that if anyone cursed or struck his parent, he was to be put to death (Exodus 21:7). 

While I acknowledge there are many in scripture we are exhorted to honor, June 18th was FATHER'S DAY and I want to honor all fathers.