July 2018

Blessings and peace to each of you!

We just completed the half year mark. This is the perfect time to reflect on the 1st half of the year.  As I think back over the first six months, I can praise God for the many wonderful things that have happened in us and through us.  Here are a few things that immediately come to mind:

  1. Increased our membership
  2. Modified our bylaws by making them more relevant
  3. Established a Scholarship Fund

I’m sure as you reflect, you will think of many other ways God has blessed and worked through this organization.

The half way point also presents us with an opportunity to look forward and set goals for how we want to prioritize our efforts for the remainder of the year. We should thank God for what we’ve done so far and then ask, “Where should we focus now?”

At the start of the year I presented 4 goals:

  1. Teaching people to love God with all their heart, soul and mind
  2. Emphasizing close and loving family relationships
  3. Training the next generation to love and serve God
  4. Developing a heart for world and local evangelism

As I inquired of God regarding where we should focus this last half of the year, the last goal listed above really burned in my heart; the church needs to develop a heart for world and local evangelism. I did some reading and found that “Ninety-five percent of all Christians have never won a soul to Christ. Eighty percent of all Christians do not consistently witness for Christ. Less than two percent are involved in the ministry of evangelism. Seventy-one percent do not give toward the financing of the Great Commission” *[1] This motivates me to make evangelism the primary focus. With all the good we do, if souls are not won for Christ as a result, then it’s all in vain.

Let’s start NOW. Ask God to stir up your passion for reaching the lost and let’s work together to spread the good news. I’m excited about all the ways God is speaking to me on this issue and I’m excited for the opportunity to help unify us in this common direction.

More detail to come in the coming days.  
Get ready, we’re on the move!  

*[1] Bible.org Evangelism Statistic