Blessings and Peace be with you my fellow laborers in the GOSPEL,

Ministry can be challenging.  As ministers, we are called on to assist our parishioners and others with change.  To manage change, it is important to understand that all external change, whether personal or professional, has an internal process which supports either its success or failure.  Resistance to change is rooted in an internal barrier that should be surfaced, acknowledged and addressed.  

There are 5 key factors to consider:

  1. Awareness /understanding:  Ensure the colleague / parishioner fully understands the strategy and the expectation of their role within the strategy.  Gain insight into the colleague’s / parishioner's opinions to support my own awareness and understanding.
  2. Capability:  Determine if there any skill gaps that prevent the successful implementation of the behavioral strategy.
  3. Confidence: Maintain an environment of open collaboration with transparent sharing of roadblocks and best practices.  Foster feelings of inclusion, safety, support and understanding that change is sometimes an imperfect process. 
  4. Motivation: Communicate the reasoning for and impact of the strategy as it relates to the larger picture.  Emphasize the importance of the colleague’s role to the success of the strategy.
  5. Conditions / Environment:  Identify and supply any missing tools or resources that would equip the colleague from making the necessary change.