January 2018

Food for thought: A January Reflection

Happy New year.

My life was so busy in 2017. I am certain yours too, right?

Busy seems to be the cadence of our world, and I often hear proclamations from others (and from myself) on just how very busy we are; how there is always something more to do. For me, unfortunately, this busyness routine I've embraced over the year has generally transformed me into a person with the inability to rest easily or slow down, even when I should.

My iPhone calendar tells me what's next: a meeting, a church service, a house or hospital visit, a family get together, errands, doctor's appointments and so on. What's next? I often wonder. Not just on my to-do list but what The Lord have me to do next? Go next? Expect next?

Psalm 46:10 is an oft-quoted verse for Christians: "Be still and know that I am God." I think it can sometimes be the type of verse we rattle off so much that we disregard its depth of request. "Be still." Two short syllables ... 7 whole letters ... and yet it's a huge request. How often I fail Him in this command! But in this command, He's asking exactly what my heart is sometimes reluctant to do; Be still enough to listen to Him and trust that whatever He is asking me to do, or for whatever reason He is stirring my heart, it's because He's God, and He has a plan. The second part of that verse continues, He also assures me that whatever the next step is, it will exalt Him and bring Him glory - which is what my very soul desires, the renown of His Kingship, the glory of His name spread on this broken earth.

God asks us to be still because He knows how busy we are, and that busyness can sometimes make us hard-of-hearing. Busyness can sometimes keep us from doing the will of God.  It's hard to listen to our hearts / God when we're running at RoadRunner speed; and it's even harder to hear God's heart when we're not pausing to listen for it.

This both convicts me and encourages me to be still and not fight the quiet moments. I want to hear God's voice. And while I do hear Him, feel Him, see evidence of Him daily (even in my busy life), I think He requests and orchestrates times of pause, so I can hear Him when He wants to have a serious chat and need us to listen.

So, my prayer - and hopefully yours – for 2018 is this:  Lord, help me to slow down enough to hear You and sojourn with You.  When You speak to me, help me to not be afraid and resist the temptation to jump on the hamster wheel of my to-do list. Help me to appreciate the slow moments and use that time to fearlessly and carefully listen for Your voice.Type your paragraph here.