December 2018

HOPE-Heaven Sent

Blessings and peace to those who labor in the Gospel with me.
December 2nd was the first Sunday Advent; the time when we turn our focus towards the Hope of His coming.

I heard it said that “Christmas is not about presents but presence—His presence.”  How many people do we come in contact with, know that HE is Emmanuel—God with us? How many know that Emmanuel is the Hope of Glory?

This special Advent Sunday makes it possible for God’s presence to fill our hearts and lives, and with His presence we have everything we need. Does not the Word proclaim, “The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want?”  One of the greatest gifts His presence gives us is HOPE.

We must proclaim to all we know, “Don’t allow the enemy to steel your HOPE!” Without HOPE you become vulnerable; Without hope it is easier for the evil one to control us.

HOPE—Heaven Sent.

Real hope is not of this world. Real hope—a hope that will never disappoint you and can’t be taken away, is heaven sent.  Real hope is a gift from God. Real hope has a name; His name is Jesus! Jesus is our hope!

During my time of reading and reflecting I came across this reflection from Dr. Jeff L. Wilson, co-senior pastor, Dauphin Way United Methodist Church.  This short reflection was so powerful that I thought I would share it with you.

“There are so many details that surround the celebration of Christmas that it is easy to miss the meaning. Christmas is not about the parties, the presents or the poinsettias. It’s not about the food, the festivities, or even about family. It’s not the greenery or the garland; not the Christmas cards, credit cards, or carols; not about tinsel or traditions.
That fact is this: Christmas is solely about God. Christmas is about God fulfilling his promises, saving his people, coming to us — as one of us — in Jesus. The truth can be so easily missed: Christmas is Jesus. And if Jesus is not in Christmas, then Christmas is nothing at all!”

Dr. Larry Green Sr., President
Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Boston & Vicinity Inc.
Pastor | Teacher | Conference Facilitator
Staying Focused on the SON.​​