August 2018

Stop, Drop and Roll

Blessings to each of you!

August is our time for vacation and rest.  Let’s take time to relax, reconnect and refresh ourselves.  Let’s come back on September 10, 2018 ready to propel into our new year.  

When we return in September, let’s be prepared to Stop, Drop and Roll. We need to stop and take inventory; we need to ask the hard questions... Just the other week while reflecting, I believe I heard the Spirit say we need to “rip the bandage off.” For me that means, we need to stop doing the same things, the same way, expecting a different result and we need to reflect on what the Lord has shown us.

After reflecting, we need to drop off old bad habits. We need to let go of the past and roll into the future.  

We will not compromise the Gospel but we will need to recognize that this is now a day of social media and a new technology.  We have the choice to roll with the new or get left back with the old.

 Don’t get me wrong.  I am not talking about forgetting or leaving our traditions behind but I am stating that we must build on those traditions to accomplish greater things.  

As was told to me by one of the young ministers that I mentor, “Burger King has not changed their recipe but they have changed their packaging repeatedly.”  The wisdom I gained is time for us to change our packaging.  We need to Stop, Drop and Roll.

Will you roll with me into our next season?

Dr. Larry Green Sr., President
Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Boston & Vicinity Inc.
Pastor | Teacher | Conference Facilitator
Staying Focused on the SON.