Many are weak and sickly among you and many die for not discerning the Lords Body 

Is it true that in those days people brought their own bread and wine for communion?

The poor would bring only what they could afford while the rich would have much.  I read that the rich would eat enough that they were full and drank merrily, while the poor would have only enough to participate in the ritual of eating and drinking.

We, know that Paul was a leader that taught the church how to behave toward each other.......with the church being the "body of Christ", could Paul have been telling the church that there are members among them that are weak and sickly because they are not discerning [understanding] that the church [rich and poor etc...] are all part of the same body?  He then goes on to say, if you are hungry eat at home....perhaps saying communion is for the entire body to partake, not for your individual filling.

So discerning the body would mean understanding "who" the body is.

The body of Christ [at the Last Supper] was broken "for you" then everyone ate.  The breaking and sharing of the bread is what we do in remembering that He was broken for us all, not just the wealthy but even the lowly.  So to come and eat all of what you brought is not breaking and sharing, not remembering Him and not understanding who is the body of Christ.  So you are filled while others barely have enough.

Beyond Communion-
1. The body of Christ is the Church: 
    When there is division in the church, people are focused on themselves and not on the

    needs of others. It causes some to go in need, to be weak and sick and lacking while

    others go unaware.  

2. The body of Christ represents the physical sacrifice of Jesus:
    When Jesus is not shared, then people go without healing and salvation, they are weak

    sick and they die.

Selfish, not sharing of your resources, of your time, of your life and of the gospel leaves others to lack and be sick and weak and die among you.

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