April 2018

Y_E_S_ _W_E_ _C_A_N_!

Do you remember these powerful words from the campaign of our First Black President?

Three small words with gigantic significance. I know what you’re thinking. You think these words are significant because of the historic election of America’s first Black president or because American youth turned out in record number to let their voices be heard.  

But to me, these words have a deeper meaning. I can not in any way diminish the importance of Barack Obama’s accomplishment… after all, he and his mil-lions of ―yes we can‖ supporters have put an end to an age old debate. However, as we consider the work of ministry for the conference and our churches these words have to be al-lowed to take root. They have to grow deeper than politics and deeper than the hype and drama of long, hard fought presidential campaign. 

―Y_e_s_ _w_e_ _c_a_n_”  These words are evidenced by our history. I can’t help but to reflect on the years past. Just take a minute and think about all of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that we’ve over-come. Some of you may even be able to remember times before the start of my leadership as president.  stop and think about the things we’ve accomplished together; before and after my presidency.

I bet you are surprised at how many things you could come up with. It’s amazing how far we’ve come! We’ve grown deeper in our faith, deeper in our study of God’s Word, deeper in our efforts to reach our communities, more committed not to sit on the sidelines but rather to be proactive. With all that we’ve accomplished there’s more to be done.  

We will cry out with one single voice and say no more enough is enough.  We will not stand by as our youth destroyed.  We will fight the good fight of faith.  We will be victorious.  We will cry out Yes We Can, Yes we will!

Special points of interest:

We can and we will grow deeper in our commitment to ministry.

T – Team
E – Encourage
A –  Accountability
M – Mentor


Pastor Larry Green Sr.